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The Thirteenth Dog

7am and we were up and enjoying the incredible breakfast spread at Łagów Manor.

By 8am we were back on the road. I filled the tank up before we crossed over to Germany, as fuel in Poland is substantially cheaper.

We then had a solid five hours of driving through Germany before stopping for lunch at the Serways service station near the town of Alsfeld, pretty much slap bang in the middle of the country.

Our first destination today would be the German town of Speicher, near Bitburg, pretty close to the border with Luxembourg. There we’d meet with Adam and Ali, friends of Gordon the medic who had agreed to look after Ollie while we watched for his paperwork to come through.

It was around 5.30pm before we arrived, and we spent an hour with Adam and Ali getting things sorted so that Ollie’s stay would be cosy and comfortable. It was so good of them to come to the aid of the little pup. They had 12 dogs in the house as it was!

Mark and Maria were so sad to leave their puppy behind, Maria cried for about an hour after we left. It’s so unfair, these people have already lost so much, have already gone through so much. Mark and Maria don’t know when they’ll see their dad again, as men between the ages of 18 and 60 are required to stay in the country to help defend against the Russians… and then this despicable Brexit government go and take their puppy off them, because some daft old gammon heads want things to be like they were in the 70s. For some reason.

Adam and Ali... our heroes!

By the time we left Adam and Ali’s it was becoming obvious that we wouldn’t be getting back to the UK at anything approaching a sensible time. We stopped a couple of times along the way for fuel and some food, but it was a good five hour journey to the Channel Tunnel.

Thankfully, (and somewhat surprisingly) the border formalities didn’t take too long, and just after midnight we were on the train going under the Channel at a great rate of knots.

It would have been unfair (and possibly dangerous) to keep going at this point, so we all checked into a grotty little hotel in Folkestone and called it a day. Our journey would resume in the morning!

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