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I woke up in the van around 11am. I got out, stretched my legs and walked to the service station, grabbed a coffee and used the loo.

Then it was time to hit the road… I had the best part of 1,000 kilometres ahead of me.

Ciaran’s Honda Stepwagon was great to drive, although the fact that the indicators and windwiper stalks were swapped saw me muck up a few times, making other road users think I was intending on changing lanes when in reality I just wanted to turn the windwipers on.

I livestreamed my journey to the border with Germany… crossing the border from Belgium around 3.30pm… from then on it was east east east towards the small German town of Vohenstrauss near the border with Czechia, where my friend Marina had kindly offered me a couch for the night. The Germany autobahn is kinda crazy: unless there’s roadworks or congestion, there’s no speed limit. This means that if you ever have the AUDACITY to overtake using the outer lane, within 5 seconds of you doing so there’s an Audi (and it’s always an Audi) right up your backside flashing its lights… how dare you go slower than 200mph!

I generally took it easy though. Marina wouldn’t be home from a night out until after 10, so there was no rush. Being totally amazing, she had also gone out that day and filled the boot of her car with nappies from the local supermarket.

I couldn’t travel all the way across Germany without helping myself to a sausage though. I got myself a Bockwurst for din-dins.

It was okay.

Pressing on into the night, I eventually arrived at Marina’s around 10.30pm, a good 10 hour drive (with breaks). Upon arrival in this bastion of Bavaria, I downed a couple of a well-earned beers with Marina, her husband Stefan and his mate Patrick. It’s Bavaria! It would be rude not to!

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