Delivering Pieces of Joy For Christmas 2023

A Christmas Wish... Delivered!

This Christmas, Graham, Gordon, Adam, Frank and Rob teamed up to take toys from well-wishers in the UK to children, many of whom have lost everything, in Ukraine.

Graham, Adam and Frank left Germany on Thursday 29th November 2023 with a van with gifts, including over £4,000 worth of Lego, and drove to Lviv in western Ukraine. There they met up with Rob Peacock who arranged for the gifts to be loaded up on pallets and taken to Kharkiv Oblast, close to the front lines where the war is still raging.

Thanks to your generousity, we have made Christmas a little bit more special for more than 600 families across this war-torn region.

After this successful run, we plan to return to Lviv in March 2024 to deliver a van full of chocolate eggs, ready for the Ukrainian Orthodox Easter celebrations on April 16.

You can help by using the donation links below, through GoFundMe or PayPal.

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£5,000 Easter Egg Run 2024 Target

Thank You!

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