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Delivering Hope For Christmas 2023

A Christmas Wish...

This Christmas, British adventurer Graham Hughes and front-line medic Gordon Dingwall are teaming up to take toys and gifts from well-wishers in the UK to a children’s centre in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

You can help by using the donation links below.

As with our previous journeys, you will be able to follow our progress in real time, live and interactive on this website and on YouTube.

Donations via “PayPal” includes the option to give with debit or credit cards via our Eärendil’s Star account.

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You can donate directly via PayPal, Visa/Visa Debit/Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Maestro using our Eärendil’s Star account, or you can donate via our GoFundMe page.

£5,000 Christmas Gift Run Target

Thank You!

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The 1st Journey

Mar 25-30 2022


In the first week of the Russian invasion, Ciaran the Van Driver and I were chatting on messenger about our mutual friend Paolo who was

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A Good Start

After a few hours of sleep, I slurped down a cup of tea, and left with my mum to go and pick up the campervan

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The Long Road

We planned to get up “as early as possible”, but to be honest, after not getting to bed until 4am local time, I think anything

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One Hell of a Day

I drove a bit further into Poland before Chris took over for the “night shift” and I tried to get some shut-eye. When we left

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I wasn’t joking when I wrote that the place we stayed in on the German-Polish border was, like, AMAZING! Really really amazing. I got such

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The 2nd Journey

Apr 8-12 2022

Off Again

Well it’s only been just over a week, but it’s once again time to hit the road. Ciaran has kindly lent me his campervan for

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I woke up in the van around 11am. I got out, stretched my legs and walked to the service station, grabbed a coffee and used

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I knew Sunday would entail a good 12 hours of driving, so I allowed myself a slight (very slight) “sleep-in” until 8am… of course it

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It was another early start on the Tuesday morning as we packed up the van and left Osnabrück. We stopped for breakfast at a petrol

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The 3rd Journey

Apr 24-29 2022

All Wheel Drive

Almost as soon as the 2nd journey was over, we started prepping for the third. The plan — the original plan — was for Ciaran,

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Of Mice and Men

By 10am on Monday morning Bear and I had no news about the 4×4 and whether it had passed its second MOT inspection. For those

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Bear, however, had other ideas. Rather than get some shut-eye, he took the remaining supplies to the Humanitarian Aid Centre in Przemyśl, where he met

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The Thirteenth Dog

7am and we were up and enjoying the incredible breakfast spread at Łagów Manor. By 8am we were back on the road. I filled the

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It was now Friday. All things being equal I should have been home with my feet up yesterday, but things have a way of not

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Fetch The Pooch!

May 19-21 2022

Fetch The Pooch!

It’s quite difficult to get your head around just how hard this despicable Brexit government make it for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine (or

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The Rendez-Vous

I awoke a couple of minutes before my alarm went off. It’s a weird thing that often happens, and damn useful when you travel as

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